springtime at frog creek

April 6th, 2010 by sarah

Despite the gusting winds, the rain, the puddles, the frost cuddling up to the strawberry blossoms this morning — or maybe because of all these — I know spring is here.

I see it in the broody hen, who growls at me and fluffs her stuff every afternoon when I steal her eggs away.

It’s there in the wildflowers and miner’s lettuce, clutched in eager fists.

And there, on Opening Day.

And here, in the first shorts of the year.

And always in the stitching, that anticipates the season even on the dreariest day, piecing together the promise of sunny afternoons ahead.

Find the tutorial for the Milkmaid Skirt here.

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5 Responses

  1. Adrianna

    Hi Sarah, I love your milkmaid skirt! Do you mind if I use this picture to feature you on the blog? I’m doing a round-up of milkmaid skirts.
    Adrianna @ Crafterhours

  2. Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

    I was just wondering…are you writing somewhere else now? I like what I’ve read.
    Happy Christmas!


  3. charmingdate scam

    I was just wondering…are you writing somewhere else now? I like what I’ve read.

  4. Jakeen

    I’ve never commented, but I ran across your blog years ago and read everything! This is the first time in three years I’ve been back to “visit” here, and I just have to say I miss your writing, and Tevis! :)

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