the gathering apron

April 26th, 2008 by sarah

For gathering eggs, harvesting fruits and vegetables, and on occasion, collecting wildflowers:


1 yard fabric for apron skirt

1 yard muslin for apron skirt lining

1/2-1 yard contrast fabric for waist band, ties and pockets

1/4 yard complimentary fabric for pocket lining

1/2-3/4 yard sturdy ribbon

2 buttons



1. Measure and cut contrast fabric for waistband. This should be 10 inches wide by approximately 21 inches long. Adjust the length according to your waist–each end should reach each side of your waist plus a little extra for seam allowance.

2. Iron waistband in half, lengthwise. Open it up and fold each long end toward the middle and press. Fold the whole length in half again and press. It should look like a really big piece of bias tape.

3. Measure two more 10 inch strips the width of your contrast fabric. These will be your ties. Repeat the folding and ironing process as you did with the waistband. Open out folds and sew ties to each end of waistband. Press seams.

4. Determine the length of your apron and trim or mark hem accordingly. The width of the fabric will be gathered and should need no trimming. Once you have determined the length of the apron, mark placement of rick rack, pin and stitch.

5. Measure and cut pockets from contrast fabric. They should be 7 inches wide by 9 inches tall. Pin and stitch rick rack across pocket, approximately 1-2 inches above bottom seam line.

6. Measure and cut pocket lining from complimentary fabric. These should also be 7 inches by 9 inches.

7. Stitch pocket and pocket lining together, right sides facing, leaving an opening at the bottom for turning. Trim corners, turn and press.

8. Fold down top edge of pocket and press. Affix button to center of pocket flap, sewing through flap and front of pocket to hold flap in place. Repeat with other pocket.

9. Pin pocket to apron front, 5 inches from outer edge of apron and up to 12″ from top edge. (Move it closer to top of apron for easier access.)

10. Topstitch pocket to apron front, being careful to not catch front flap of pocket.

11. Cut length of muslin to match size of apron front. Pin muslin to apron front, right sides facing. Stitch on three sides, leaving top open. Trim seam allowance and corners, leaving 1 1/2-2 inch seam allowance on bottom hem–this will help reinforce your buttonholes.

12. Turn and press. Topstitch the sides and bottom.

13. Gather top edge of apron. Pin raw edge of waistband to apron top, matching side edges of apron and waistband seams. Baste together. Stitch along foldline of waistband. Fold waistband over gathered edge of apron and press.

14. Open out edges of ties. Fold each corner into a triangle and press. Fold length in half again and press. Repeat with other tie end.

15. Beginning at the tip of one tie, topstitch all the way along tie, across folded over waistband and along second tie to the end.

16. Fold waistband in half to find center and mark with pin. Make a vertical buttonhole on each side of the center.

17. Using a straight pen to protect your buttonhole seams, rip open the buttonhole with a seam ripper. You will be ripping through a lot of layers of fabric, so be careful!

18. Feed your ribbon through the buttonholes until an even length is coming through both sides. Hand sew a simple “X” to hold the ribbon in place.

19. Make a horizontal buttonhole at each bottom corner or your apron, being careful again to protect your seams with a straight pin before ripping open the hole.

20. Find the center at the bottom of your apron and mark. Make one vertical buttonhole on each side of the center.

The full length of this apron makes it perfect for kneeling on in the garden. To gather it up for harvesting, simply feed the ribbon through the button holes along the bottom and tie a bow.

Please remember that this tutorial is offered for your personal enjoyment. Please do not sell any products made or inspired by this tutorial.

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  1. Lisa

    What a cool apron! I can hardly wait to make some for the girls and for me too. And the tutorial seems very straightforward and easy to follow.

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  3. lily boot

    What a lovely apron – the details are so very sweet, yet practical! I really liked the method for making the tie ends and the folded over pocket is very pretty. As for the button holes and ribbon – awesome! I would never have thought of it but it makes the perfect “pouch” for gathering! And I really enjoyed reading the tutorial – it is well written, well photographed, comprehensive and easy to follow. Thanks so much for sharing this lovely apron Sarah, I can’t wait to make one!

  4. lily boot

    p.s. that’s a great tip about protecting the end of the button hole with a pin – I’ve actually torn straight through a completely finished pinafore for my little girl whilst opening a buttonhole!

  5. s.

    Your apron (and choice of fabrics) is GORGEOUS!!! And I have another question – any chance you would tell me what kind of jeans those are? :)

  6. Jenna

    Now THAT is a brilliant design idea. With the gardening season fast approaching, I see several of these hitting my sewing table to get ready. I love the idea of being able to use it to both gather what I grow AND it being long enough to protect my knees and clothes from kneeling in the dirt.

    As soon as I can sew again, these are gonna be a top project. Thanks so much!

  7. Polly

    I LOVE your apron pattern! I can’t wait to make one- how great for gardening. Thanks for making it available

  8. stephanie

    This is beautiful.

  9. sarah

    I’m afraid this will be a huge let down, s., but the jeans are just Levis! Thanks for making me feel good about how they look though!!

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  11. Amy

    Great Tutorial, clever Idea. I also like your blog concept. Fun! I think I’ll make myself one of these aprons for gardening!

    Congratulations on winning the SMS contest!

  12. Murray

    Great Tutorial, thanks for sharing!

  13. driftwood

    congrats on your win, this tutorial looks great, I love the fabric, and I’m just off to have a look at the rest of your blog!

  14. Stephanie

    Do you seriously use that iron? I have one, so I’m curious. :)

  15. Jill

    This is great! Congratulations on winning!

  16. Mary

    I love love love this- the tutorial was clear and well written- and I agree with the comment about the iron… reminds me of Dr Zhivago.

  17. Umm Adam

    Oh, i REALLY like this idea! I have some friends who are great gardeners and not-so-great sewers :) Maybe i could swap an apron for some of the garden goodies? LOL! Thanks for the idea!

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  19. Mary

    What a beautiful — and practical — apron!

  20. Staci

    I have been searching and searching for such a pattern – Thanks!

  21. Katy

    I absolutely LOVE this!!! It is beautiful and we have chickens and I have to gather eggs!!! Oh gosh…you should make them and sell them. I have JUST started learning to sew and am NOT talented at it quite yet…LOL.
    It’s beautiful!!! Fantastic job!!!


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  25. Amber

    Thank you for posting this fun apron. I just finished making a matching set–one for my two year old and one for me! I think hers will gather more toys than veggies!

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  28. judy

    This morning I completed my rendition of a gathering apron. My daughter wanted a full apron she could use in her garden…so that’s what she got. I used your button hole and ribbon threading method. It works great…really nifty. I thank you for sharing a great idea.

  29. Jennifer Paganelli

    Found out about you from my girlfriend the gathering apron..pretty!! Jennifer

  30. ginger

    Just the best apron i seen .So timely with summer here. Thank you so much for showing us all how to make them.The apron just Gorgeous.

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  32. Caley

    This is a wonderful idea and artfully done. Thank you! We’ve included a link to this as part of our favorite apron patterns (linked from name). Just discovered your blog, and will definitely be keeping an eye. =)

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  36. Minde

    Just the sweetest thing EVER! This will make a lovely gift for a friend. Thank you so much!

  37. Karin

    What a dazzler of an apron. Thank you so much for sharing this.

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  41. Cindy

    Thank you so much for such a fun project. We have enjoyed using our aprons in the garden. Some of the ladies at church said they sure could have used one when they were growing up and had to work in the garden.

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  43. Doreen Pollack

    Truly beautiful – I have so many stretched out t-shirts from carrying grapefruit from the tree into the house. Often I stuff what I can in the pockets of my cotton shorts looking like a chipmunk!

    Doreen in Phoenix, AZ

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  47. Cannwin

    I gotta tell you I thought I had this tutorial bookmarked but I didn’t and I looked everywhere trying to find it! Whew, glad I did. :)

  48. Carolyn

    I love this. How practical too. I love the blog. Keep Up the good work!


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  50. Moment to Moment

    such a great idea, I wish I was a sewer, that looks a bit to complicated for me, but I will learn at some point, so I will bookmark this for that day.
    Thanks for sharing

  51. alison

    LOVE this apron. I am going to make it for my friend. She is an avid gardener & loves to wear an apron while digging away out there. Thanks for the tutorial.

  52. Gin

    So sweet! I took your idea and ran with it a bit… got some cotton button down skirts from the thrift and opened them…added a contrast all-in-one waist/ties and some pockets, leaving the front opening in the back now,and voila! a repurposed skirt into a gathering apron !

  53. Kay Keen

    I really like this apron, I think I will one. I love to make aprons, and give as a gift, with a dish toweland pot holder. Thanks so much, and God Bless. K

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  67. christy mutchler

    Love the gathering apron and want to make one for myself. Where can I buy the adorable veggie fabric that was used for your apron?

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